Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I have been put on a strick diet

I went to the doctor, the other day and she has put me on a strict diet. I have type 2 diabetes, I have lost 70 pds this past year, I got a little slack during the holidays. I have asthma, high blood pressure and diabetes since my weight loss, I can breathe a lot better, my blood pressue is better, and I feel much better. My sugars have been up, because I have indulged a little. I am going to really push my self harder to lose more weigh this year. I was almost 330 pds when I was diagnosed with diabetes, now I weigh 260. My AC1 is 58%, which is excellent for a diabetic, this last month, I have been lazy and haven't excercised much this month, but new year, new me. I will begin to post healthy recipes for you to try.